10 Common Counseling Mistakes

By Garrett Higbee

March 5, 2021

In an effort to help counselors bring biblical hope and help to the people they minister to, we have found 10 key mistakes that many of us make in counseling. As we point out these common mistakes, we will share Twelve Stones' ministry philosophy and demonstrate how we seek to avoid these errors:

Mistake #1: The past is a pothole to be avoided.

For fear of sounding Freudian or hoping not to give the counselee the idea that the past is determinative, many counselors give little credence to the counselee’s childhood, family dynamics or long term history. We have found that by listening carefully to the counselee’s history, and probing with heart exposing questions, we are able to get valuable heart shaping information. By reflecting on the shaping influences of the past and reframing the language of the counselees, we can speak