Counseling Retreat

Counseling Retreats

for a Brighter Future

Sometimes the problems we face need more focused attention than traditional counseling provides. Twelve Stones specializes in 3 day intensive counseling retreats, where you and an advocate join your counselor at our beautiful retreat center for a getaway focused on you. Our counseling retreats provide an opportunity to go deep and make progress more quickly.

Book a retreat for yourself, your family, or to specifically grow as a leader.

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Individuals wrestle with everything from emotional struggles to abuse to addiction, health struggles, grief, and much more.


Do not walk through them alone.

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Whether facing loneliness or conflict, abuse or adultery in your marriage, or need help parenting a rebellious teen, we are eager to help.

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Leaders face unique challenges that can make life very difficult and make leaders feel very alone.


We understand and are here to walk through them with you.

The benefits of our retreats are a deep relational connection with your counselor, freedom from distractions, and focused time for careful assessment, biblical insight, and practical planning for your brighter future.


Here's How It Works

You and Your Advocate Apply for a Retreat

Spend Three Days in Prayerful, In-Depth, Biblical Counseling in a Beautiful, Restful Location

Enjoy a Brighter Future Walking Through the Practical Plan Developed in Our Time Together!


Twelve Stones is primarily funded by donations in order to keep the cost of our services as low as possible. The cost includes lodging and food for counselees and their advocates, as well as the counseling itself. The pricing is as follows:

Individual & Advocate


Couple &



3+ People & Advocates


Some situations may require special pricing. If you don't necessarily fit one of the above, contact us for more information.

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Twelve Stones is a non-profit biblical counseling ministry focused on counseling retreats for a brighter future. We've been in ministry since August 2004, and we've since been privileged to serve more than 2000 individuals in need of biblical soul care from 48 states and 20 countries. We've also trained more than 60 apprentices in biblical soul care in order to multiply our ministry for generations to come.

What people are saying
about Twelve Stones

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What a true gift from God and life-changing experience this has been for me . . . I will never forget how meaningful this entire experience has been.

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I can’t say enough about how valuable this ministry is to our marriage and family. We will never be the same. God is at work in us and I finally have hope.

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Our marriage has made a complete 180 since being home . . . Twelve Stones helped bring our marriage back to life.

If you're new to the idea of retreat-style counseling, you may not fully understand its value for digging deep and focusing distraction-free for an extended period of time.


This free short downloadable PDF lays out 5 benefits of counseling retreats that might be exactly what you need...

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